White Water Kayaking at Tees Barrage, North East UK

White Water Kayaking at Tees Barrage, North East UK


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Why not pit yourself against the raging white water rapids with only a paddle and bash hat for protection. Exciting, challenging and competitive White Water Kayaking is not for the faint hearted. The brand new Diamond course is one of the steepest in the UK with its 3.7m descent, so get ready to face the action full on.

With a new updated White Water Kayaking main channel and a brand new second channel there are plenty of new waves and holes for you to throw the biggest moves on, in and under!

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We have redeveloped our new courses to be of World Class standard and have seen many leading professionals take on the challenge of the new White Water Kayaking course. One of the leading white water courses in the UK you can be assured of high adrenaline action from start to finish.

Suitable for experienced White Water Kayaks these world class courses are testing and rewarding so bring your own kayak or try one of our demo boats from NorthShore Watersports.

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