Technical Rescue Training, North East UK

Technical Rescue Training, North East UK

Technical Rescue Training at TBIWWC

There are two Technical Rescue Training options here at TBIWWC. You can either Hire the Course facilities and undertake your own training, or alternatively through ‘Rescue 3 Europe’ we can provide the relevant training courses and expertise for you.

Each of these Water Training Rescue courses takes place in our Jubilee and Diamond white water courses, the courses are fully adjustable so we can recreate all types of rescue situations that put Tees Barrage International White Water Centre at the top of White Water Rescue training in the UK. In 2011 we hosted one of the most important Technical Rescue Training conferences in the world and our facilities are renowned across the world.

Water Rescue Training Courses


We can tailor Technical Rescue Training courses to individual requirements, so if your crew is small or you need to send a few individuals at a time we cater for your needs and have solutions to complete the rescue training courses. These courses are available all year round as we are guaranteed water all day everyday with our new facilities including the 4 new Archimedes screw pushing the water down the channels.

Technical Rescue Training