Private Tuition

Private Tuition

We offer a huge range of Placid Water Instructional Courses ran by our fully qualified and experienced instructors, we cover from your first time in a boat through to your hundredth roll, BCU Courses and more. 

We can provide water of varying degrees of difficulty, from our Placid Water Warm-up Lake through to our new improved White Water Course. We can offer the perfect course for you on the perfect learning environment. 

Our Coaches are all highly qualified and have paddled extensively around the UK, Europe as well as to many other Worldwide destinations.  Our Coaches have a vast array of experience and specialist expertise in Slalom, Sea, Surf, Freestyle, Creeking, amongst other disciplines.They are all extremely friendly, and they are always happy to talk paddling and offer their help, assistance and advise.

All participants must be aged 8 years and above, and be able to swim 25 metres. 

At the TBIWWC, the Courses we offer are: 

Intro Session - 2 Hours

A two hour introduction to paddle-sport. you will be taught in detail how to launch and the basic technieques of controlling the kayak.


Paddle Clinics: These courses are designed as a private session where you will be working with one of our highly qualified coaches on your specific skills.

Slalom Skills    £50.00 Per hour

River Skills    £50.00 Per hour

Play Skills    £50.00 Per Hour

Canoe Skills    £50.00 Per Hour

White Water Kayaking