Bell Boating at Tees Active, North East UK

Bell Boating at Tees Active, North East UK

What is a Bell Boat?Bellboating at TBIWWC

A Bell Boat is a twin hulled canoe suitable for 10 children or 8 adults.

What are Bell Boats used for?

Bell Boats are very versatile boats, they can be used for beginners watersports sessions,
special needs groups, childrens parties, charity events, key stage 2 education, environmental / regenaration/ exploratory and wildlife work.

How old do I need to be?

All participants must be aged 8 years and above.

Do participants need to be experienced or able to swim?

Bell Boats are perfect for the complete beginner to watersports. With Bell Boats being such a stable platform they are ideal for young children who may be nervous due to it being their first time on the water. Special needs groups find them particularly useful as they take little effort to generate a reasonable pace and can cover good distances with an inexperienced crew.  Though the ability to swim is not required we do ask that all participants are confident around water.

How much does it cost?

Bell Boating is a low cost activity with an experienced, qualified centre helm, the cost is £88.00 per 2 hour session.

Can I become qualified to helm the Bell Boat?

Yes! There are no pre-requisities for the Bell Boat helm course.

Courses are held here at TBIWWC, please ask a member of staff or contact us on (01642) 678000 or e-mail us at :

What can I expect from a Bell Boat session?

Whether it's a 2 hours or a full day session:
You paddle from the centre where the crew will learn how to paddle efficiently using teamwork. Along the way, young people can be taught about regeneration projects along the edge of the River Tees. As you move along the river environmental issues can be explained with regards to pollution and differences between salt and fresh water. If you are lucky, the wildlife will be above and below you and the seals may even come and say hello. On the paddle back there will be some fun and games and you may even get wet.


The prices listed above will be effective from 1st April 2015