About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Tees Barrage International White Water Centre (TBIWWC). If you love watersports or adrenaline type activities then TBIWWC is just for you. We offer various types of exhilarating activities such as white water rafting, white water kayakaing and powerboating. For those who prefer more tranquil activities we offer sailing, canoeing and bellboating. The course underwent a £4.6 million re-development, which has transformed the course into a world class facility.

North Shore Buliding TBIWWC

The 300 metre Jubilee course has been re-configured with new eddies, a slalom gate system and is twice the depth of the previous course - which is ideal for pulling those moves. All of the old features remain, but it will be bigger and better than ever before. A great deal of thought has gone into the bottom section to reveal some interesting playspots. The brand new 95 metre Diamond course (one of the steepest in the UK) has a drop of 3.7 metres from top to bottom which makes this a great addition to the venue.

A major investment in the project is the inclusion of four massive Archimedes’ screws which enable 24 hour water flow when required. The screws will also be used to generate electricity. Another exciting addition is the Lazyboy conveyor system - which is useful to keep users rotating around the course without the need to even exit your boat (provided you can stay in!).


Background Information

The Tees Barrage International White Water Centre originally opened in 1995. It is an artificial whitewater course situated on the north bank of the River Tees, in North East England. It was purpose built as part of the £50 million Tees Barrage Project - to help re-generate the area of Teesside. After successfully running for 15 years, the decision was made to upgrade the existing course to increase opportunities for participation in paddle sports, as well as to attract visiting Olympic and World Class Teams to the venue. It was also identified that the upgrade would ensure a sustainable future for the course.

The re-development project started in January 2010. It was made possible through several funding partners including Tees Active, who now manage this world class facility.

The re-developed course includes many new features such as: 

  • An upgraded deeper main channel.
  • A new Diamond course – which is one of the steepest in the UK.
  • Installation of the Rapidbloc system - to precisely shape flows of water into a series of waves and eddies, making it challenging for the elite paddlers in particular.
  • A Lazyboy conveyer belt system – which transports users from the end of the course right back to the start.
  • Four 12m x 3m Archimedes’ screws – used to pump the water needed to create guaranteed conditions for water sports. They will also generate electricity.
  • A re-development of the main centre building which includes a new reception, updated changing facilities and a new shop which will sell the all latest paddle sport equipment.

For more detailed information about the upgraded course please see ‘Course Info’. 

About Us