Rafting Charity Fundraising

Rafting Charity Fundraising


The Tees Barrage International White Water centre offers an alternative fundraising idea for those supporting charities. You can take part in a 2 hour long rafting session as a part of your charity fundraising, it costs £50 per person and all you need to do is charter a raft of 6 people. Our course can handle 5 rafts on the water at a time so you can have up to 30 people taking part on each session. If you are looking for easy fund raising ideas, what better way to raise money for your chosen charity than an action packed day out on the rapids?


Upon arrival at the centre a fully qualified raft guide will be assigned to your group who will talk you through everything you need to know. You will be given a briefing, have instructions explained and also take part in a warm up before making your fundraising ideas a reality on the rapids. The guide will always be on hand and will make your white water rafting experience more exciting with each passing run.


With this easy and exciting way of carrying out fundraising for a charity, you can get people excited about what you will be taking part in. Once they have sponsored you get them involved by asking them to visit the centre to watch you rush down the course. This easy fundraising idea will make for an adrenaline filled activity for you to be a part of, a fun day out for those watching and most importantly helping to raise awareness and lots of money for your chosen charity.



"It’s a great day for groups of families, friends and work colleague’s to get together and do something completely different."


Victoria Rogers, Event Fundraiser, Butterwick Hospice Care.



Have the entirety of your white water rafting session filmed on our GoPro camera and be sure you don't miss a thing! Every raft tip, every near miss, every hilarious dunking and every second of soaking wet fun will be yours to take home.


Capture Every Moment!

Step off the raft and have a micro SD card ready and waiting to take away and share with your friends. You can edit your video and create your very own masterpiece!


The price to film your experience is only £30 per raft! Availability is limited so we advise that you book filming on the day you book your rafting adventure. Your micro card will come with an SD convertor and we ask you to ensure your device has a slot that is compatible.






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